Rebecca Howell  (The Royal Ballet School's Teaching Diploma & R.A.D.R.T.S)

Esher Ballet School’s Terms and Conditions Agreement: 

1. An Esher Ballet School’s Registration Form must be fully completed, signed and dated by the Parent/Guardian of the student before commencement of any classes and for each subsequent new academic year by the student’s Parent/Guardian, to ensure personal data is kept up to date.

2. Esher Ballet School is an independent business and the training provided is entirely separate and not to be associated with any other Dance School.

3. Any student attending any Esher Ballet School classes who has an existing regular ballet teacher must seek prior approval from their existing ballet teacher before commencement at Esher Ballet School.

4. Private lessons and fees:

  4.1.   An agreed schedule of more than one lesson
     4.1.1. The Parent/Guardian must confirm in writing their agreement to proceed and book the offered schedule of lessons to
     4.1.2. Once confirmation is received by Esher Ballet School an invoice will be generated and 50% of non-refundable fees must be paid by the date specified on the invoice to confirm the booking. The remainder must be paid before the first lesson of the schedule.
     4.1.3. A full half term’s notice is required in writing regarding amending or cancelling an agreed and confirmed schedule of lessons and fees must be paid in lieu. Esher Ballet School reserves the right to not accommodate any requests to amend an agreed schedule once an invoice has been generated if this is deemed not feasible or viable for the school.

 4.2. An ad-hoc lesson:
     4.2.1. The Parent/Guardian must confirm in writing their agreement to proceed and book a one-off Private lesson to
     4.2.2. Once confirmation is received by Esher Ballet School an invoice will be generated and the lesson fee must be paid immediately to confirm the booking. The lesson fee is non-refundable.

5. Group Class lessons and fees:

    5.1. Before withdrawing a student from Esher Ballet School a full half term’s notice is required in writing and fees must be paid in lieu.

    5.2. All term fees are payable by the date specified on an invoice.

    5.3 Fees are paid termly and must be paid by the date specified on an invoice. 

    5.4 Lessons are not offered on a pay as you go basis and all classes must be paid for regardless of whether a student can attend.

    5.5 Lesson times and timetables may be subject to change and Esher Ballet School reserves the right to amend lesson times and timetables as and when required.

    5.6 Esher Ballet School is an independent school and reserves the right to set its own term dates.

6. Failure to pay an invoice on time will result in a penalty of 10% of the outstanding fees being added to your bill each week until the invoice is paid in full.

7. Esher Ballet School reserves the right to not accommodate any requests to amend a lesson if deemed not feasible or viable for the school.

8. If a student is unable to attend a lesson for any reason, Esher Ballet School does not offer a replacement or substitute class.

9. Notice of absence should be given at your earliest opportunity:
    Telephone: 07984 447281.

10. If Miss Howell is unable to teach for any reason another teacher sourced by Miss Howell will cover in her absence. Should a suitable cover teacher not be available Miss Howell will notify you at her earliest opportunity and attempt to offer an alternative session, otherwise a credit will be offered.

11. Students should arrive five minutes before the start of their lesson.

12. Students must be collected promptly at the end of their lesson.

13. Students must wear the correct uniform in all lessons and exams. Please refer to the uniform page on Esher Ballet School’s website for the link to 4 Dance for the specified uniform. Students who have Private tuition or who attend the Pre Professional class can wear a Classical Ballet leotard of their choice with a belt, convertible pink ballet tights and ballet shoes suitable for their level. All female students should wear their hair in a bun or if they have short hair then it should be neatly secured back off their face.

14. Teaching Classical Ballet is a physical activity, appropriate physical contact between teacher and student in class is essential for effective ballet training. This may involve placing a student’s body into a correct position using the teacher’s hands during class. Please speak to Miss Howell should you wish to discuss this matter further.

15. Students or Parents/Guardians are expected to treat each other and staff with respect and courtesy. Any behaviour that is deemed to be inappropriate may result in a student being dismissed from Esher Ballet School.

16. Parents and students need to be aware that Esher Ballet School uses private venues. Respect should be shown to any staff member/user of the venues, including the premises, studio equipment and parking arrangements.

17. Esher Ballet School does not accept responsibility for any student left unsupervised whilst in the venue and out of class time.

18. Esher Ballet School cannot accept responsibility for any valuables bought in to class.

19. In the event of a fire/emergency alarm the teacher will be responsible for escorting all students out of the premises to the fire assembly point and Parents/Guardians will be notified at the earliest opportunity.

20. Parents must disclose all medical condition(s), allergies and potential triggers before attending any classes and the teacher must be informed of any medical changes prior to any class commencing.

21. Staff are not medically trained. Your child must bring any medication they need to each lesson and be able to self-administer, or a Parent/Guardian must remain on the premises throughout. The teacher must be made aware of any Medic-Alert tags and their location.

22. In the unlikely event of an accident or extreme illness and the teacher is unable to contact Parents/Guardians they will act in loco parentis and take whatever action is necessary in the best interests of the child.

23. From time to time Esher Ballet School may take photographs or video footage of the students in class to be used to promote the school through its literature, website or Facebook page. Please note it is not permitted for parents or students to take videos and photographs during class or school events unless prior authorization from the teacher has been given. Esher Ballet School would ask you not to upload any photographs or videos on social media if authorization is given but that these are kept for your own personal records.

24. Please read Esher Ballet School’s Safe Guarding Policy, which can be found on the Esher Ballet School’s website.

25. Esher Ballet School always takes its duty very seriously to keep your personal data that you provide when completing the Registration Form to join the school, safe and confidential. Your information is never passed on to other companies for marketing purposes and never will be. It is used solely by the school. By signing and dating this form you are confirming you are happy for Esher Ballet School to contact you and to be included on the school’s email list for the purpose of receiving information in the future.

26. Esher Ballet School reserves the right to make changes to the Terms and Conditions as and when appropriate.